The Mind is What the Brain Does psy 100 Essay

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“The Mind is What the Brain Does”
I disagree the mind is not what the brain does, everyone has the same brain but not the same mind. If that were the case we would not have the capacity to display morals and emotion like we do. If “the mind is what the brain does,” then humans would be no different than any other mammal or living species, because our brain tells our heart to beat, our sympathetic nervous system to kick in if there is an emergency, and our food to digest, etc. ( Griggs,2009, p.61-62). The brain controls function and mechanism of our body, whereas the mind deals with an individual’s morals, personal experience, and consciousness (Griggs, 2009, p. 60). Morals come from our emotional side, everyone experiences anger, fear, joy, love hate and other emotions. The brain controls the autonomic nervous system, which plays an important role in our emotions, yet it does not control our morals (Griggs, 2014, p. 50-54). Human morality comes from the mind. If “the mind is what the brain does,” we would not have different moral views, experiences and consciousness. This difference is evident when we compare different human morals. For instance, some individuals believe in evolution while others are creationist. This was very evident in my evolution class last semester, there were many debates due to the opposing views of each side. These moral values come from the mind. Our brain does not focus on moral conflicts, but rather it focuses on keeping our body