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Deville Whitfield 11/25/12 Minister Project Mr.Bartucci

i. The location of the speech was at the Church of God in Christ, located in Cleveland, Ohio. I wasn’t actually present in the church, I’m not a church on goer (although I should be) but my mom was, and she is really good friends with the video technician, and was able to get me a copy of the service and I was able to watch it at home.

ii. The pastor conveyed an important message in the service, accept Jesus. He explained how no one was perfect, expect for Jesus and he is the only man that can judge you. He also talked about how sometimes you have to let Jesus handle certain situations in your life, because it’s the least you can do because he died for us. “Jesus has all of the answers that lie on this earth because he has overcome every obstacle that has come forth.”

iii. To say the least, I’m really not that religious. Yes, I believe there is a God, but I’m just not the person that worships him every Sunday morning. But after watching this service, I felt what the pastor saying, and I understood him clearly. I did a lot of thinking, about how my life would change for the better, if I let Jesus into my life and let him steer me into a clear direction. I couldn’t see the people’s face off the cameras, but I could hear the “AMEN” everything they agreed with the pastor.

iv. I think the purpose of the speech was let everyone know that Jesus is there for you