The Misfits Comparative Essay

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Comparative Analysis In the novels The Misfits by James Howe, and The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, both stories are brung together around the topic of social inequality. In both The Outsiders, and The Misfits, the characters get treated differently because of different traits people use to describe them. In comparative analysis, the two novels, have differences and similarities in their social inequalities such as appearance, income, and bullying. To begin with, appearance inequality is main discrimination that characters in both The Outsiders, and The Misfits face. Skeezie, a character from The Misfits, gets bullied by his 7th grade class because of his personal style of a 70s greaser. Throughout the story, various labels such as wop, scuz, and holligan are thrown at …show more content…
In The Outsiders, Johnny, a character in the novel, is bullied and abused by his parents. They never care where he is, how long he is out, and if he's injured. In the text his mom states, “But I have the right to see him. He's my son. After all the trouble his father and I've gone to raise him, this is our reward! He'd rather see those nocount hoodlums than his own folks.” (Hinton, 123). In The Misfits, the gang of five, which of Addie, a tall intelligent girl, and three boys who go by the names of Skeezie, who has a fashion sense similar to Elvis and a 50s gangster, Joe who is gay, and the narrator, Bobby, who is fat. Because of these traits, they are discriminated and called names such as Fat Boy, Twinkletoes, Freak, and Godzilla. Characters in both novels, they both have different types of bullying. Johnny’s parents don’t verbally or physically abuse him, they just simply ignore him, and never care. However, in The Misfits, the bullies care to much. They care about everything like height, weight, and whether you’re gay or straight. To conclude, and overall social inequality in both novels is