The Misinterpretation Of The Mandela Effect

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The Mandela effect started with the apparent death of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment in the 1980’s. Thousands of people remember his death during imprisonment and even watched his funeral only to find out he was still alive. (Broome, 2010) In this project people will be tested on their memory to see what they remember about popular phrases and events. Before conducting this experiment it is believed that the Mandela effect is misinformation, false memory, or confabulation. (Aamodt, 2017) (Cherry, 2017)

The Mandela effect is groups of people who remember the same misinterpretation of an event. The name Mandela effect originated when thousands of people remember Nelson Mandela’s death during the 1980’s before his actual death in 2013. This lead to its internet fame over the following years with thousands of people finding different examples of this phenomenon. (, 2017) Some changes that were found were differences in logos, famous quotes, historical events, and even bible verse’s.
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This theory states an alternate reality is colliding with ours changing things like popular phrases, historical events, and logos because of CERN’s Large Hedron Collider. CERN is a European Organization for Nuclear Research. In 2012 CERN discovered Higgs Boson also known as the god particle at the Large Hedron Collider the world's strongest particle accelerator on the planet. (Choi, 2015) After the discovery of the god particle many people have speculated that CERN’s experimentations with this god particle have been changing and colliding our reality with an alternate