The Misunderstood Sin Analysis

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1). Why is ANGER described as “The Misunderstood Sin?” Provide two insights in light of the descriptive – the need to distinguish (emotion/expression)

Insight one: In light of the descriptive, the emotion of anger is inherently good and a natural human reaction. When it is good, anger is a passion for justice which fights for a good cause. Contrary to what some people believe, the biblical verse Ephesians 4:26 (“Be angry and do not sin”) suggests that anger is not synonymous with sin.

Insight two: In light of the descriptive, anger only becomes a sin when it has problems with its target or its expression. As Rebecca DeYoung states in her book Glittering Vices,“anger turns vicious…. when it fights for its own selfish cause, not for
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This resistance is a consequence of the desire to stay in one’s comfort zone. Our relationship with God and our neighbors involves accepting a new identity that needs to be lived out daily for the rest of our life. Specific Application: I have been resistant to be changed by love and have been neglecting to enhance my spirituality and relationship with God. * Therefore, I am going to step out of my comfort zone and further my relationship with God and other humans. In addition, I am going to increase my activeness in the spiritual life by praying to God more often. I am going to put to death my old sinful nature and put more effort into sustaining this transforming relationship of love. I am going to start engaging in activities that bring me face-to-face with my identity in Jesus, such as prayer, worship, and scripture. Finally, I am going to accept God’s grace and help.

Practical insight three: Sloth is not mere laziness. In fact, slothful people can be hard working. I believe that I am one of these people. All day everyday I bombard myself with school work and do not give myself any relaxation or leisure time. And because my mind is continuously filled, I barely talk to God. I tend to close my ears to what he is trying to tell me. Specific Application:* I am going to incorporate more relaxation time into my days and spend time reflecting on the steps God wants me to
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I presented Malala as a person who exemplifies courage and compassion (opposite of David Cash!) Who would you nominate for a “courage/compassion” award? Note the person – and provide 3 good reasons for your choice.

The person who I would nominate for a “courage/compassion” award is Nelson Mandela for a multitude of reasons.

Reason 1: Mr. Mandela, following being released from prison, led the nonviolent transition from apartheid rule to a free and open democratic system in South Africa. As president, he worked diligently to unite a divided society and chose reconciliation over vengeance. He was unwavering in his commitment to create a more just society.

Reason 2: Mr. Mandela showed compassion to all people, including those who jailed him and oppressed his people. He had no bitterness when he left prison. He sacrificed nearly everything in order to make life better for his neighbors and simultaneously endured many hardships.

Reason 3: Mr. Mandela showed great courage throughout his life. For instance, he did and said things that not always conformed with the official policy of the African National