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The Misuses of Vehicles (Killing Machines) on The Roads

The Misuses of Vehicles (Killing Machines) on The Roads
There is no doubt that driving is a necessity in most people’s lives on a daily basis. The development of the automotive industry and the low prices of vehicles attract buyers who can afford to purchase one conveniently. There are countless negative driving habits practiced by many individuals while hindering the consequences. Therefore, authorities use mass mediated communication “communication through some technologically enhanced medium, from one source to many, geographically disperse, with limited/controlled feedback. This form of communication is the best method to communicate to a larger group such as a community through technology.
The main problem is that most drivers do not realize that they are driving a “killing machine” on the roads everyday. Many people depend on their cars for social situations such as for jobs, meetings, appointments, gatherings, and more. This paper will explore the negative impacts and strategies dealing with the poor driving habits of certain individuals.
Distracted Driving (Cell Phones)
The ease of having data connections (3g) on the roads allows users to tweet and instant message from possibly anywhere in the city, including the road. It is a fact that only Yukon permits these devices while driving, while all other provinces have chosen in favor to ban. ICBC states, “Distracted driving is the third leading cause of fatal car crashes in B.C., with an average of 94 deaths per year due to distractions such as using a personal electronic device behind the wheel.” It can be said without a doubt that the use of personal devices while driving is now greater than it ever was before. ICBC also states that distracted driving can be as risky as drinking and driving. For example, an Abbotsford case of a young woman driving a Toyota Camry struck a pedestrian while she was searching through her purse. A nearby house camera recorded the footage, which helped for justification. It is rumored that the lady was searching for her phone because she was expecting an important phone call. According to Alaska Highway News, “Texting increases the chance of getting into an accident by 23 times and talking on the phone quadruples it, so it's no surprise that distracted driving is the third most common cause of death on the road. The facts allow you to conclude that no phone call can be equivalent to the value of losing your life.
Drinking and Driving
Researchers have continued to focus their attention on the causes and impacts of drinking and driving. According to James Maskalyk, “In 2000 in Canada 3162 people were killed in motor vehicle collisions. Alcohol was a contributing factor in 33.8% of these deaths. Of the additional 18 402 drivers who were seriously injured 18.3% had been drinking. It is known that many crashes each day are due to the drivers intoxicated with alcohol. It is considered a crime for a driver to drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol in many countries. The problem is that many drivers are not capable of making critical decisions because they are not mentally capable. Therefore, they choose to potentially forget about the consequences at the moment. Equipment such as breathalyzers and more are used to determine whether the driver has consumed any alcohol within the past hours. Unfortunate results can lead to consequences depending on the severity such as serving prison time, vehicle impoundment, charges, and more. Believing an end to violators of this law is unrealistic at the moment. The most cases of drinking and driving occur on Fridays or the weekends. I believe it is very important for Police officers to be active on issuing tickets to prevent violators from reoffending. Alison Hart (ICBC's loss prevention manager for Greater Vancouver) suggests, “If you plan to drink and drive, don't take any chances. Plan ahead to get home safe. Take the bus, call