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The Model Champion In tragedies the tragic hero has his or her own fatal flaw that compromises their life. It could be that they have had a situation in their past that has made them the way they are, or it could simply be part of their personality. The tragic hero is usually the main character and they act on behalf of his or her own emotions. The tragic hero must be born with heroic qualities or soon inherit them. The tragic hero must be like how a person in the real world is. The more realistic their character is the more the reader will be able to relate with them. This will in turn show the reader that even someone who seems to have it all and live the perfect life is not so perfect after all. If the tragic hero is nothing like how a real person is the reader might not feel a connection with or sympathize with them like they would if the character was realistic.
The tragic hero is condemned at birth to life long suffering or to be the cause of destruction to others. Although they might think they know who they are, they never truly understand themselves and their purpose in life until they are crushed from their fatal flaw. In other words they discover their true destiny.
The tragic hero’s fatal flaw must end up hurting both the main character and at least one other person in their life. The more people that get hurt the more dramatic the hero’s fall will appear. In most tragedies the tragic hero ends up coming face to face