Mobile Phone Expansion

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The Modern Expansion of Cellular Phone Use
The Modern Expansion of Cellular Phone Use

Over a decade ago the house phone was such a remarkable advancement where it provided a person to call places over thousands of miles away. Then the ease and comfort of wireless phones came out. Now, the invention of cellular phones (a mobile telephone) is an excellent device to do business or call out for help when you need to. While for others it is a failure, annoying and a cause of accidents. “Today, cellular phones have become a necessity in a person’s pocket.”(VanLaecken, H.). In According to the site (, the last survey that was completed contained one million owners in 1999 of cellular telephones. A
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Cellular phones have also managed to change the habits of certain individuals such as raising their voice; therefore they tend to develop bad manners in front of others. An example of this would be one of my next door neighbors, where you can hear him speaking loudly and shouting to his cellular phone whenever he is using it. The development of such a habit annoys the people around and irritates them as well as gives a bad image about that certain individual using it.

Parents that spoil their kids by buying them these devices tend not to realize that since their kids are joyfully satisfied, then that’s the only main importance. In fact, the main concern is that their well-being is not taken into consideration as much as their satisfaction. Although, the usage of cellular phones is dangerous and a nuisance, most of the time businessmen need to use them because they are essential for their work and makes them available, easy to contact and reachable at any time. Regardless of using them, they should make use of the free-handset or the voice speaker, which could be used as a health safety in order to keep a person’s head away from such a device. In addition, while driving, pulling over and receiving your call would be much safer for you and others that are with you on the road.

I think cellular phones are great devices but only if they are used in the correct intended way. I think it