The Modern Scratch Essay

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Barb was a lonely woman. She was a 47 year-old married woman and her husband seemed to be around a lot less lately. She decided to do a little digging into why he seemed to be so busy lately. Turns out he had a new secretary at work, and they were getting to know each other very well, if you know what I mean. She couldn't believe that this man she loved so much was cheating on her, so she had to put a stop to it.
Barb came up with this great plan on how to get rid of the secretary. She would catch her late after work one night and then get rid of her. So she got all her supplies together and prepared herself for what she was about to do. She just wanted her life back so she knew that this needed to be done.
So late on that cold Thursday night she sat in her car and waited for the secretary to come out the door. While she is waiting she gets a phone call on her cell phone from a blocked number so she decides not to answer but then they keep calling back. So finally on the fourth time she decides to pick up the phone. “Hello?” said Barb and the voice that answered was a very intimidating one. He said “Are you ready to make a deal with the devil?” Barb didn't know what to do. The devil told her that he could get rid of that secretary under one condition. The condition was that every year on that exact date she would have to visit the grave of the secretary. Barb thought that this was a pretty easy task and decided to take the deal. Now she could be happy with her husband again and he would never find out what happened to that secretary. Barb’s husband was with her all the time now and she was no longer lonely. She was the happiest she had been in years. But on that day she had to go the secretary’s grave and that reminded her of the awful thing she did. She just kept that in the back of her mind. She just thought to herself “At least I am happy now”. About five years after her little ordeal Barb’s husband decided to plan a little trip for them but they only problem was that they would be gone on the date that