Essay on the monitor that rang in my ears

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The Monitor That Rang In My Ears Brianna West The clouds shadowed a dark evening as the soft rain began to settle on the hot blacktop road. I stared out the window that left a soapy stain mark. My legs crossed over each other as my body faced the cars that stormed by, honking with annoyance. My head lied on my linked together arms as my hair had softly fallen over my left shoulder. My eyes blinked slowly as tear drops escaped each time. The room 126 was where hearts gleamed as eyes appeared in disgust. As I relaxed on the couch next to the window I wondered of how life would be without me. I inhaled a long deep gasp of air and let it out easy as I turned my head to glance at my Aunt; sleeping in the small barred bed attached to tubes and liquids. My heart sunk to my stomach when I scanned her wrinkly, skinny, body that lied peacefully in the covers. I sat there in a puddle of disappointment, eyes ready to break out crying, and mouth always frowning. I was praying to god that maybe a miracle would happen and the cancer in my Aunt’s throat would disappear and release all existing pain. My Mom sauntered into the room with food and drinks for my Aunt to eat and both me and her to munch on. We have become her watchmen, cautiously eyeballing her every move. I want to go home, I moaned in my head; ready to fall asleep in my warm, comfy bed which kept me safe from all my worries. My Mom softly nudged my Aunt and introduced her to the food that stood in front of her. The smell of the hospital meals disgusted me, but my senses had gotten used to it. As my Aunt struggled to lift herself up to an upright position her face pouted with trouble and discomfort. Her swollen purple hands slowly grabbed the Jell-O cup that once laid on the tray. She began to open the seal with struggle right from the start. Her veins emerged from under her skin, as her teeth bit her lower lip, and eyes piercing with desire. How could opening a cup of Jell-O be so hard? I thought; watching her fail at her task. My Mom grabbed the container and pealed open the seal. I could see the embarrassment in my Aunts eyes; the feeling of being incapable to do the simplest things. I knew the anger and sorrow burned in her soul. Her hand shook as she brought her spoon closer to her dry mouth, lips and tongue pleading for more. She took a peek at me with a smile causing a domino effect, although both of us knew there was running up and down her body. I turned back to facing the window as my head sat upon my arms crossed on the couch. I watched the rain drops stream down the window as warm tears did the same. My eyes burned, my throat was clogged with pain that only disappeared when you broke out crying, and my head pounded with my heart beat. My Mom had left the room to get some more blankets for my Aunt, as my eyes began to close. I could hear my Aunt tune her sweet songs to me in my head. As I started to dream of the memorable times that still flashed in my head, I was woken to my Aunt howling in pain. I turned my body towards her as she gripped the side of the bed. Her scream echoed in my ears. Tears traveled down my cheeks as shivers ran through my nerves. I lost balance in my feet. My heart began to race. I couldn’t escape this nightmare. I felt a sharp pain stab my stomach as I yelled out “DON’T LEAVE ME,