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The Monkey's Paw and Tell Tale Heart
Cameron Smith The most frightening thing in the world... Death. The Monkey's Paw and Tell Tale Heart are both horror stories and leave the reader in shock and deep thought. These two stories seem to have opposite ideas but further analysis provides proof of their similarities. Something that threw itself at the reader in both stories, they wanted to extinguish themselves of the evil presented. In The Monkey's paw, the sergeant throws the paw into the fire thinking it was forever destroyed, Mr. White knows it still works. Bad thinking will soon arise due to this paw. In Tell Tale Heart, the man wants to take the old man's' life and never see the eye again. Both of these stories include something that will happen and have an evil consequence to them. Another similarity is these stories both have ironic symbolism throughout. In The Monkey's Paw, Herbert, (Mr. and Mrs. Whites son) was making fun of the paw then something tragic happened "He was caught in the machinery". In Tell Tale Heart he loved the man but his insanity got the best of him and he sought to kill the old man. They have the same ironic effect on the reader. Finally these stories both end with a heartbeat. At the ending of Tell Tale Heart in paragraph 9 "Yet the sound increased and what could I do? It was low, dull, quick sound - much a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton". Has it ever come across anyone that the sound of the heart in the floor board could be the sound of his own guilty heart. The same in The Monkey's