The Monomyth Theory: The Hero's Journey

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The monomyth theory, also known as The Hero’s Journey was created by Joseph Campbell is a prevalent theme throughout many well known stories, everywhere from Finding Nemo to The Odyssey. There are three main categories of the monomyth, these are separation, initiation, and return. Within each of these three aspects there are underlying sections, however, even if a story doesn’t fit each of these sections it does not stop it from being a monomyth. Throughout the movie The Hunger Games, the heroine of this story, Katniss Everdeen, underwent a journey that adhered closely to this theory.
The separation came when Katniss left District 12 to go to the Capital and compete in the Hunger Games. She was ripped away from everything she had ever known
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This is Katniss’ lowest point, Belly of the Whale, because she is truly alone with no allies or help. Her entire time in the arena is full of tests and trials not only to survive, but also to get sponsors in order to survive. The Meeting with the Goddess is the reunion with Peeta after she hears the announcement that there will be two winners this year. She nurses him back to health and these displays of affection provide sponsors who save the both of them. saves This gives her a safety net of care and support, it also opens her heart to a trusting relationship that she needed to make it through with. One of the trials occured when she formed an alliance with Rue. Rue is important to Katniss because she reminds her of her little sister Prim. When Rue is murdered by Marvel Katniss is overcome by anger and emotion and shoots him instantly. This was a huge turning point for Katniss within the competition and her character development. When she chooses to cover Rue’s body in flowers and sing to her out of a sign of respect, she wins over the favor of District 11 and sparked a revolution there. Apostasis was reached when Katniss and Peeta almost ate the nightlock berries after they killed Cato on top of the cornocopia. They were informed that the original rules still applied and that there could only be one victor. So out of defiance and what was later considered as an act of love Katniss pulled