The More Integrated Europe in the Future Essay

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Yezi Zhang
The More Integrated Europe in the Future
Based on the historical development since World War II and the trend of the globalization, a prediction of a further integrated Europe can be made.

European Union, the supranational organization that was established after WWII, ensures the combinations of the European countries. Politically, it has a mature system and well-distributed divisions which means that it cannot easily malfunction. In the economic integration, it also has already achieved the single market and about half of the member states start to share the common currency. Therefore European countries are not seemingly to be destabilized since they have created a lot of relying relations and get benefits from them.

The whole trend of the European development is still inclined to the integration. More and more countries attend the Union which enlarges the consolidated regions and propel the further cooperation between countries and countries. Though there are countries, mostly the well-developed ones, refuse to get into or show no interests in EU, later on, when EU has reached a certain enlargement and gains more influential status of the area, they are likely to join in to fit in the international trend.

Not only European countries, the whole international world is getting more and more integrated. Since the establishment of United Nation, people get more aware of the importance of communication and cooperation between countries and