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The House on Mango Street: Socratic Seminar

Level Two Questions:

1. Why would Esperanza intentionally accept and offer a passing bum shelter?

Esperanza would intentionally accept and offer a passing bum shelter because she feels sympathy towards them. Even when she finally owns a decent house, she claims she “won’t forget who [she] is or where [she] came from” (87). Her past let her experience “how it is to be without a house” which again reiterates that she once was similar to these financially challenged wonderers” (87).

2. What really is the reason Mama encourages Esperanza to study and finish school?

Mama encourages Esperanza to study and finish school because she doesn’t want her daughter to follow her footsteps. Mama is a multitalented woman who can “speak two languages…sing opera…draw” yet she never left the city (90). Mama quit school “because [she] didn’t have nice clothes” and regrets it deeply. She pushes Esperanza to fulfill the dreams of becoming an independent woman, something that Mama can never be.

3. How did Esperanza finally accept that Mango Street was a part of her?

Esperanza finally accepts that Mango Street is a part of her when she realizes that it made her what she was. Mango “does not hold [her] with both arms” but instead “sets [her] free” through the beautiful language of writing (110”. Even though the “sad red house” mocked her childhood, too many memories were made which created a strong connection (110). Esperanza concluded that “she [is] too strong for her to keep me here forever” and perseveres to move through obstacles tossed towards her.

Level Three Questions:

4. Why is self-definition a struggle many face?

Self-definition is a struggle many face because as