The Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Essay

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Jaws, It's a Wonderful Life, and Star Wars are all American classics, just to name a few. Recently, I watched High Noon, and read The Most Dangerous Game, which also happen to be beloved American classics. Both in High Noon, and The Most Dangerous Game, the action and the part you waited for happens in the very end. The main character in both of these stories are alone in what they are doing. Also, the action portion of each of these unforgettable stories includes he main character showing intense fear. Despite High Noon and The Most Dangerous Game being about being hunted where nobody is there to help, the message that they send out are very different. As previously mentioned, there are many similarities and differences between High Noon and "The Most Dangerous Game". One of the similarities about the two adventures is that they both took place in very isolated places. In High Noon when you took a glance at the railroad track, it was the only thing you could see, and that railroad was the only way in, and only way out. "Railroad track. The parallel lines of the track merge in the hazy distance"(Foreman 310). During "The Most Dangerous Game", the island was the only thing the Rainsford and Whitney could see through the darkness of night. "'I can't tell …show more content…
High Noon perfectly shows how people are selfish and will only do things for themselves, and not help someone else who may be in some serious trouble. "'(ignoring him). Some of you were special deputies when we broke this bunch. I need you again - new'"(Foreman 306). In "The Most Dangerous Game", make sure not to jinx yourself, or you may end up getting yourself into a situation you may not want to be in. "'He world is made up of two classes--the hunters and the hunted. Luckily, you and I are the hunters '"(Connell). Although each tale is about the hunter being hunted, they both end with different