The Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Analysis

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"The Most Dangerous Game Versus High Noon" Imagine being hunted down with no where to run or hide. Or how about meeting an enemy from your past once again. You try to run, but you realize there is only one thing you can do, fight. And, try your best to survive till the next day. Both the movie High Noon and the short story The Most Dangerous Game have these things in common but they have many differences too. They both are about a man almost being killed by psycho killers. In High Noon Will Kane, the Marshall, has put Frank Miller, the psycho killer, up in jail, and Frank Miller returns to seek revenge. "He's a ... he was always wild- kind of crazy .... He'll probably make trouble...," (Foreman 295). He knew Frank Miller will cause trouble …show more content…
In High Noon while waiting for the noon train for Frank Miller all his three henchmen could see is long barren desert going on for miles nonstop. Will Kane could not run anywhere without getting hunted down. "What's a hundred miles, even? We'd never be able to keep that store, Amy. They'd come after us. We'd have to run again. Long as we live,"(Foreman 297). So he decides to turn back and fight back. Now for Rainsford he gets trapped onto an island. Placed in the distance of pitch darkness. Once your on the island the only way to get off is by boat. " 'Pistol Shot,' muttered Rainsford, swimming on," (Connell). This means Rainsford has to find the place where the gun shot came from and get a boat to escape. Both of these selections, one being a movie and one being a short story, have many similarities and differences. First they have the same kind of antagonist in both of the selections. Also they have the same problem which they have to over come. And finally have pretty different settings but also very similar too. After reading and watching this story and movie I was able to see the differences and similarities even though they are not suppose to be close in