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The Most Important Rules
Eric M. Smack / 216859
Columbia Southern University
November 13, 2012

The Most Important Rules Emblazed as a brilliant picture in my memory, I will always remember meeting my daughter, Alexandria, for the first time on November 29, 2011. As I kissed her mother’s forehead after the final push I can recall hearing Alexandria’s first cry, and as if someone had flipped a switch, I was seeing life through a parent’s eyes! Suddenly, I was remembering discussions where I should have been taking notes and conversations that I over-heard but failed to pay attention because I thought I had “plenty of time.” Specific moments rushed back to me like a life flashing before a person’s eyes. As a young Marine, 1stSgt Georgie told me, “You’ll be Sergeant Major one day, Smack…as long as you don’t get married!” I laughed and shrugged off the remark, thinking that being a Marine had nothing to do with being a Dad; I couldn’t have been more wrong. The most important aspect of being a Marine is involvement and the same is true about being a Dad. If you create an opportunity to be with your child and take full advantage of that time, then you are making a difference. Too much time is wasted sitting around and staring at other people living life, when we should be making every moment of our lives unforgettable. Since becoming a father my thoughts revolve around making tea parties manly, introducing a football or superhero costume to dress-up, and sparking interest in camping and hiking to my little girl. I struggle to comprehend how fathers dream of teaching a son to throw a glorious curve ball suddenly become disinterested because they find out they’re having a daughter. I’m not a fan of baseball but I look forward to indoctrinating my daughter on the rich history of the Cleveland Browns every Sunday afternoon. I can already see it now: its half time at Super Bowl LII, the Browns are beating the tar out of the Eagles, when Alexandria looks across the row and spots “Mr. Right.”