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Ever since the beginning of the human race, we have had a desire to own better and innovative products to fill our home make work easier but we have the desire to be filthy rich too, to help companies do that, they use advertising, advertising is when companies try to convince you that their product has god like perfection, the ads we will be looking at today are two different ads with two different forms of advertisement is a very old black and white commercial from 1952 about the Gibson les Paul and a video commercial for chuck schuldiner (R.I.P) tribute stealth guitar model. Form Advertisement A, Gibson Les Paul
Advertisement A, Gibson Les Paul
Looking at both the Gibson les Paul Poster and the Video Advertisement for the chuck schuldiner tribute guitar we see several key differences (One moves and the other one doesn’t?) in the Gibson les Paul ad we see its inventor les Paul (R.I.P), whom is a Grammy award winning jazz, country and blues guitarist from the 40’s-50’s era and a small paragraph about is versatility and innovation. It also has a rather odd design we the guitar has been cut out of Les’s hands and has lines coming out of where it has been cut . The chuck schuldiner tribute ad which is about the rare custom made guitar that Death/Control Denied Guitarist Chuck Schuldiner used before losing his battle to brain cancer in 2001, it also features ex-Nevermore and Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brian demonstrating the guitar, he is of course like other death metal guitarist dressed in black and it has a lighting effects in the background, as well as zoom ins of his hands while doing what he does best. Purpose The purpose of both advertisements is to promote and sell two very different guitars by using techniques to target two different audiences. The Gibson Les Paul Ad is directed at Session, House or live guitarists who need a thicker and more versatile tone. This explains the odd visuals on the poster to leap out at you, imagine you’re guitarist from the 50’s and you’re in your favourite music shop and you see that poster on the wall, you’ll want to try one straight away. The Chuck Schuldiner Tribute is directed at his fans, fellow Death metal/Progressive guitarists and guitar collectors (Since the guitar is to exact specifications and at time was extremely rare to find), During the video Pat