The Most Significant Experience In My Life

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The one experience in my life that I would say is significant to me is the day my daughter was born. The day started off like any other day where I was getting ready for school, at the time I was living with the mother, but then she started to tell me she has been having pains. Just to be safe we went to the hospital that morning and make sure nothing was wrong. I wasn’t sure if she slept in a wrong way or she was having contractions. When we finally arrived at the hospital the doctors told us she was having small contractions and that we should wait until they got bigger. We waited and waited for my girlfriend for hours for her to go into labor. In the room were also her mother, sister, and cousin waiting with us so her water could break. The doctors told us walking would help induce the labor, so eventually we went into the hallways to see if it would help. My girlfriend couldn’t eat until after the labor because if she did she could probably defecate during the labor process. Since we left to the hospital early in the morning she didn’t eat and she was reckless about not eating but I sneaked her in some food. One of the doctors told us that they had to break her bag. When they did that a lot of blood gushed out. I was surprised that I wasn’t too disgusted I was just there waiting for my baby to arrive and comfort my girlfriend during the pushing process. I would say it took at least half an hour or more my baby to be born and the minute I saw her I was speechless and