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May 17,2015
The Museum of Tolerance In doing this project, I actually went with a two classmates. We all decided to go to the Museum of Tolerance on Sunday May 17,2015. When you first pulled up into the parking lot the security was really strict, he told us to open our trunk and told us that there was no food nor drinks allowed into the museum. I wasn't very shock on how strict they were because I had been there once and that other times I came they actually didn't even allow us to bring our phones with us. When we finally got inside, I was shocked on how many people were actually there, I thought that it wasn't going to be that busy because of course thats not the first place you decide to go to on a weekend. It was incredible how may parents took there kids to experience this, and the most amazing part about it was that most of the people that were there were groups of young kids. Once you purchased your ticket the lady tells you to head down to the bottom floor where there you would get an orientation and from there you will continue into a room. One of the things that I really liked about the museum was that when you get to the bottom floor there is an older lady handing out a card with a picture of a Jewish child on it. The child I was given was Helen Weissibaltt. Once you receive that the lady tells you to put the card thru an old computer where there you will get some information about the child you got. It gives you information about where they lived, who her family was, and a little bit about them. Helen Weissiblatt she was born in 1928 and her older brother, Natus, was born in 1926 in Warsow, Poland. They were the children of Rena and Mark Weissblatt. Helena and her family lived in an exclusive area of Warsaw, where her father worked for the government and her mother gave private Hebrew lessons. Her grandfather was highly involved in the jewish community. Helena and her brother were part of a large, loving and educated family and had a great childhood. Once you finish reading this the lady lets you know that thru out the tour you will learn more about the child, and at the end you will find out if the child lived or died. As we entered into the Holocaust exhibit, I was very amazed about everything that was in the exhibit. Videos and televisions played the whole time telling us about the Jewish people’s suffering during Hitler’s dictatorship. There was two parts that I really liked about the exhibit one of them was when they had re-created the street cafe, because we got to hear the conversations the people were having, what there ideas were about Hitler and what happened to them afterwards.. There were some people that thought it was a great idea for Hitler to take over others thought that he was crazy. There was two woman at the cafe and one lady was trying to convince her friend that she should leave because it was way to dangerous but she said no she would be fine. At the end when she tried to leave she was deported back and was killed. There was also another couple that the husband was a German and the wife was a jew and at the end they both committed suicide because they loved each other that there didn't want to be separated. I found this part to be very depressing because of how many of them ended up dying. If only these people knew how powerful Hitler was actually becoming, they might have been able to leave or do something that their lives would have turned out better and many people wouldn't of died. One other part that really touched me was when we had to go into the showers, on top you saw that it said "woman and children" and on the other side it said "others" there you chose where you would go. When we had to choose were to go its crazy that many of the people in the tour were actually scarred to go into the showers, some of them wanted to go back because they didn't know what to expect when they were going to walk in. So when I saw that I felt really bad because here