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The Museum Project
The museum I visited was The Mitchell Gallery of St. Johns College in Annapolis. The first piece of art work I focused on was The King of Nails by Gideon Bok. The second piece I noticed was Lear and Cordelia by John Raphael Smith. The “beautiful” artwork is The King of Nails by Gideon Bok. The oil painting consist of many different colors which all add great highlight to the room. It is of a clustered apartment or a studio of some sort. The painting portrays a panoramic view of this, what appears to be, top floor apartment, which can be concluded by the tall beams supporting the ceiling. It is interpreted that this room is a depiction of the artist’s life. Though it may just be his living room, it is showing that the artist lives a cluttered life. Furniture is packed into the small room with tons of miscellaneous items across the room. The cluster of the room represents the cluster in the artist’s life. The “repulsive” artwork is the second piece, Lear and Cordelia by John R. Smith. The exhibit shows a man and a woman on a couch. The woman in a white dress is holding on to the man’s arms while looking into his eyes. The man looks right back at the woman but has a face of fear or disgust. Under the couch lays another woman. It is interpreted that the man is having an affair or is trying to avoid an affair with the woman in the white dress. The woman under the couch is spying to see if the man is actually cheating on her. What is depicted most likely