The Musician Essay

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3 September 2013
The Musician
Countless hours of practicing and performing and more often than not, a jam session that reinforced what was thought to be a life’s calling. On November 27, 1987 a star was born. At the age of 14 this dedicated musician finally realized his rock star potential. In 2002 Spencer Lammers got a birthday present that re-shaped his outlook on life, He would later name it “Frank”.
Frank is a Fender jazz bass. Franks body is made from a beautiful piece of maple wood with bold flowing grains running horizontally toward the neck. The neck is made from ash wood with the same flowing bold grains and glossy finish. A bass that is easily admired by any true musician, and love at first sight for young Spencer.
Spencer quickly learned that he was definitely no Les Claypool, but anyone who watched him practice could tell that music was what filled his soul. Four years later, Spencer graduated high school and was one of the founders of an up in coming band named Lyrnex. Due to the increased following that his band was receiving, Spencer’s life was once again changing. By this time Spencer chose to become a fulltime musician, which in all honesty was a good decision, he was a natural.
Before anyone knew it Lyrnex had taken Austin by storm, Austin Texas embraced them like a mother seeing her new born child for the first time. Spencer’s life was worry free, money was good, and like all rock stars, female companionship wasn’t an issue. Spencer was gaining life’s experiences at an accelerated rate, but like for most people life isn’t always a fairy tale. On one unfortunate night after playing a show at Stubbs, Spencer decided to load his equipment in his car starting with Frank first. On his second pass with an eighty pound AMP clutched firmly in his arms, Spencer walked up on a desperate man attempting to flee with his prized bass. Spencer quickly placed his amp on the ground and began to pursue the desperate thief with an