The Nation With No Hope And No Friends

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Anthony Ryan, 2/22/15
The Nation With No Hope And No Friends.

For years now, North Korea has had the world on the edge of its seat. But not anymore. The choices North Korea has made has made it almost impossible for the US and other countries associated with the US to sit back and watch.
When you have a country that is controlled by a dictator (a completely authoritarian government and culture) that is obsessed with military and war,who is willing to starve their people, so they can spend millions of dollars on weapons of mass destruction/military weapons, and all its available resources and time to train its military and is ready to start/engage in a war at any second with anybody, and just doesn't care, you have a problem. America has a couple options to choose from when it comes to dealing with North Korea .1) “Military invasion” America and its allies would forcefully take over NK (after which the land will be turned over to South Korea), 2)
“Embargo” also using the military, we might be able to cut off NK from the rest of the world (trade/help from the rest of the world), 3) “Economic Sanctions.” It’s a lot like #2 but we would let medical supplies, and food into the country, and 4)
“Full open engagement.” We would negotiate with NK (give them good trade or other things they may want) in return for them to cooperate with the US and the rest of the world. None of these options would be easy and there are many issues with all of them. For example: the first option (Military force) I do believe that the US and its allies could win a battle against North Korea. But I also don’t doubt the fact that when North Korea realizes that it’s about to go down that it will not hesitate to use all of the big boom in their arsenal to try and prevent them from losing.
And if they do that, then thousands, if not millions of innocent people will die.
We know that North Korea does have at least some biological and nuclear weapons that could create the same kind of panic, destruction and death as
September 11 in Seoul, Tokyo, Japan or any other of North Korea's neighbors.
And so for those reasons Military action is not the best option. The problem with option 3­4 is that we would not be changing anything if we cut them off economically but gave them food and medical aid. The only

thing that “economic sanctions” would accomplish would be to waste the US military and its allies, men, money and time on a task that would get us no where.
And again with a “full open engagement” we come up against the big wall of they just don’t care. There is a reason that North Korea acts the way she does and treats other countries the way they do (one reason is they hate America). And just because we offer them some new toys or better food, they aren't going to change their mind. Especially after they’ve spent billions of dollars on military advancements, and decades of starving their people, preparing to take on one of the most powerful countries in the world. So instead of trying to reason with them or risking a nuclear or biochemical strike on innocent countries...we use their best friend against them. Option #2 “Embargo”. Also using military force but in a different way. We cut them off from any outside resources (including medical and food). And we use China against them. China is North Korea’s biggest and most important ally.
But also one of Americas biggest trade partners. The US has a large say in what
China does and does