The Nature of Thought Essay

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By: Aminata A Secka

THE NATURE OF THOUGHT. Thinking is the characteristically human method of seeking a solution. It is the power of dealing with a novel situation by reflection, without overt action. Thinking is mostly mistaken for daydreaming but these are two different things. Daydreaming is when your mind wanders at random without the control of the will- power, whereas Thinking is directed and controlled by our will to find solutions to our problems. “I did it without thinking”. This is what most of us say when we find ourselves in certain situations. We do this in our ordinary daily routine. Many of our actions are instinctive or automatic responses to certain situations. For instance, we blink when an object is thrown in our face. We do not need to think about this. In other instances, it is a matter of habits; we tend to perform an action so many times in the past that when the appropriate situation occurs our reaction is almost involuntary and therefore require little or most likely no thinking all. The sensing process starts with the conversation of stimulus in the environment leading to sensing phenomena that is converted into a data and signal stream. Human beings are assisted to sense with the aid of eyes, the nose and the ears. Memory is the ability to remember past learned information and past experience. Immediate memory takes duration of a few seconds. Information that has been minimally processed is stored as short-term memory. This short-term memory is then transformed into long-term memory which can be stored for many years. The fact that the thinking process can be influenced by emotions may result to an instance in your life in which your perception of the real situation will be far from the actual facts. For instance, when I lost my brother five years ago, I was also preparing for my International Checkpoint examinations. The morning he passed was the same morning I started my papers. Even though I prepared adequately for my exams, something just kept on telling me that I was going to fail. My perception was that there was no way I was going to pass due to the unfortunate happening in my life. On the contrary, I pulled through that exam with flying colors. My perception of the real situation was far from the actual facts. All that this taught me is that if a person is feeling stressed, he/she doubts whether she can perform to expectations. This means that what we feel affects the way we think. The perceptual process allows us to experience the world around us. We feel the touch of objects and people; hear the sound of music playing next door. All of these things help make up our conscious experience and allow us to interact with people and objects around us. This…