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Water is an essential commodity that is the core of life. Water is crucial to our existence so by nature we gravitate towards it. To live comfortably humans need a dependable source of water. The need for water has revolutionized the world, because of the need grew the development and resourcefulness of new inventions. Water irrigation techniques begin to redefine the world from gathering to farming crops. Honing these techniques made it possible to produce a surplus of crops, which led to governing and barter systems. What we have come to know today as civilizations are from the works of our forefathers.
In Mesopotamia the climate is either very hot or very cold with inadequate rainfall and irregular flooding, this was not the ideal location to develop agriculture. As the population increased so did the need for food so people relied on water irrigation techniques to produce harvest. Farmers used these techniques to water their crops during the dry season (Wiesner, Ruff, Doeringer & Wheeler, 2004). Irrigation techniques were used by several individuals and with sharing sometimes come conflict. In Discovering the Ancient Past, source eight (p 12) rules were established to lessen disputes and promote equality among farmers. These rules gave farmers a since of protection over their crops against losses, caused by anyone other than themselves.
Over time new water irrigation techniques and expectations developed. The older techniques were mainly used for crops; individuals began to demand a more pleasant health drinking water setting up new irrigation systems (Wiesner, Ruff, Doeringer & Wheeler, 2004). These new irrigation systems used timber, stone, or clay earthenware channels relying on gravity to transport water from lakes to underground reservoirs (Wiesner, Ruff, Doeringer & Wheeler, 2004). Also the new technical development caused more legal issues, about responsibility and ownership. These legal issues about water rights were not easily solved they created disputes frequently throughout history. In Discovering the Ancient Past source nine (p 13), In order for individuals to receive a public supply of water they would be taxed and contribute to the maintenance of the water supply.
This is relevant today in my home town Flint, MI; the city has increased the water rates of its residents to supply them with adequate water. Residents of Flint have voted to build an underground pipeline from Lake Huron that would provide them with a limited supply of 16 million gallons a day. In Discovering the Ancient Past source nine (p 12), the piping walls were structured to inhibit sun exposure