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The Negative Impact of Technology
The article “Can You Hear Me Now” was published in Forbes magazine in 2007 by Sherry Turkle. Turkle argues that technology devices such as laptops, cell phones, and computers are supposed to help people connect each other, but actually they have the opposite effects since people become addicted to those devices. The article, “Can You Hear Me Now,” that is very interesting title to talk about people’s distraction to others as well as the real world around them because they are deeply attached to their technology device. I agree with the author that technology of today is causing society problems, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people believe it.
Technology is one of society’s factors that cause the decline about human’s morals and psychology. Since internet becomes common to people nowadays, it has brought a lot of usefulness and helpfulness in human’s life. However, beside those benefit, it slowly deteriorate people because of online games and webs that contain wholesome contents. Especially, internet has huge negative effects to teenagers, today. It is leading bad habit in the activity of virtual life such as living in dissoluteness and self-centered. In fact, in Vietnam, there are some little boys who are about ten to twelve years old usually are at online shop to play game. They obsessively play so that regardless of eating, drinking, and even skipping their classes. Game has been drawing along to children a lot that affects development of their psychology. For example, my friend’s son who was addicted the Swordsman online game was getting dumbness as well as depression when his parents did not let him out to play game anymore. It took him a long to be back to normal since he stopped playing online game.
In addition, along with game on the internet, the curiousness access to bad websites to look for sex such as pictures and movies may cause of moral behaviors. Those lead to the increasing of clip sexes that are uploading on the internet by many teenagers, today with the purpose is propagate depraved information. People also use internet for their sexual deeds by chatting and exchanging their picture through webcams; they consider that is like a pleasure to satisfy their lust. According to many ideas of people, chatting sex through internet is the masturbation that exists a lot in adolescent now, and this negative issue makes them have deviation of thoughts about sex. Although not directly doing sex as a prostitute, chatting sex is the depravity about morality; however, they cannot abandon that bad habit because of their addiction of sex with their online partners. As Turkle states, people who had come addicted to the online world “often had relationships, partner, and even ‘marriages’ of significant emotional importance” through internet. They even “had lots of virtual sex” (Turkle, 2007). In real life, some people who are shy cannot talk to others, so they go online and look for friends by chatting to make friends through internet. They like to have friends online because those friends will not know who they are. Therefore, they consider the online relationships are important to them. This addiction affects a lot of on people about their behaviors as well as. In fact, if this addiction is happening for long time, people will gradually be more dangerous when nobody plays this game with them anymore, and they will harass others regardless of moral behaviors. This is only one of problems that since people as well as teenagers are using too much this technology device.
Technology leads to lack of communication in society to people are addict. In fact, the ability to express the feeling and language are increased after a few hours using computer. For example, if people spend their time to play games, they will not have time to get in touch with others around them. Therefore, they do not have the adapt skill, and certainly the skill of settling situation is limited, too.