The New Deal during the Great Depression Essay

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Analyzing The New Deal during The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a huge historical time in America that everyday is looked at in textbooks, books, and much more even now. From the 1929 to 1941 America was at one of it’s all time lows econmically. The current President of the time was, Franklin D. Roosevelt who was so said a hero, or some say who didn’t help during this time at all. The New Deal was a plan that included a bunch of programs to help the people of America throught the depression. Roovsevelt’s New Deal was a success overall, and helped America get through it’s low period. There are many that say that the New Deal did not help at all. With help from a few strong sources we can see whether President Roosevelt’s plan worked or wasn’t any help to America’s econmy & people.

The Great Depression did not just swoop in and cause trouble in america out of nowhere. There was reasons why things got the way, one to start with was the the agricultural. Farmers in the early 1920s were one fourth of the workforce. They were make crop demands due from the WWI. Buying expensive tractors and tools to harvest quicker and get the crops to where they were needed. Farmers had all this and there mortgage. Once the War was over, the need for crops went dow fast and suddenly. Surplus was not selling, and debts were due, and once not paid foreclosures on land, and more was to happen. That not being one of the only reason, there was Money for wages was being given to the wealthy, and the poor at their jobs.The highest wealth for americans was during the early 1920s as well. The distribution was causing ecconomic problems, and the money was being given to freely. Another cause that was huge was Easy Credit, casuing debt from many americans that set up the installment plans on cars, applicances and more. Then Reallity got seriousl, and in October of 1929, the stock market crashed and that was when the chaos began.

Banks Collapsed, Business closed, Unemployment was at a high of 9.9 already by 1930, poverty soared, and homes were foreclosed so quickly. Herbert Hoover failling at his term of presidency to help America, President Roosevelt stepped into office July of 1932. The New Deal born and getting started in the office. The three goals of the New Deal being: Relief, Reform, and Recover. “ It is EVOLUTION not REVOLUTION Gentlemen” says in a Picture of President Roosevelt, pointing at a couple of pictures, one being a tree with all the new programs to help the people of america, picture from the Evening Star( Document C). This source here just tells us that the programs were ready to start pouring in, and helping, not starting a revolution to just quickly turn everything about and not gradually change things like a evolution. President Poosevelt wanted Evolution in the country, and that was how things should be, starting slow and gradually get better. Programs like the Works Progress Administration were to help people get some money and actually start to pick people’s hopes up. To give many food, rent money and espeically since there so many hooverviles. Lesueur Meridel wrote “ There are not many women in the bread line. There are no flop houses for women as there are for men.”(Document A), showing that women, men as well, but were in needed of that money and in order to get that, jobs were in need to be given out. Another program was helpful and showed the government was caring for everyone was the Social Sercurity Act. A picture of two hands, one hand giving the other a pay check, on the side it says “ For the rest of your life.. Beginning when you are 65 “( Document E). This was a way that ensured people who were already close to 65 that they were to get money after retirement. As you see now, the government has still kept this act to this day and