Essay about The New Face Of Nature

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“The New Face Of Nature”
By Leslie Castro
July 31, 2014

Leslie Castro
English 1100
Prof. Fisher
July 31, 2014
Academic Research Essay

“The New Face of Nature”
Global Warming is a principal issue around the world. We spend the majority of our existence arguing whether it is real or a hoax. Basically, we wasted half of the world’s time researching, trying to figure out why it's happening denying the idea of we human beings ever causing harm to Earth. Proving whether global warming is real or not isn't the problem anymore. Now that we all know it is us causing harm to this planet, why are the majority of us still choosing to ignore what is happening? It is already unfair that we have just only realized the irreparable damage we’re causing all together, so why are we adding on to this heartlessness by completely disregarding what we know? Wouldn’t you live in fear if you knew that the only living planet that exists will vanish in a couple set of years?
I believe that the few who are still being ignorant toward this crisis can notice the strange weather changes happening but do not really understand it. Yet, in an article on The New York Times, “Loading the Climate Dice,” it affirms: “Weather is like that; it fluctuates. And this banal observation may be what dooms us to climate catastrophe, in two ways. On one side, the variability of temperatures from day to day and year to year makes it easy to miss, ignore or obscure the longer-term upward trend (Krugman).” Sure the signs and symptoms may be difficult to notice when comparing from years vs days. However, it is still unquestionably a major betrayal to the planet because, as the Earth is trying give us signs to tell us what is wrong, we are all believing it’s a part of what we think is supposed to be happening. Maybe ignorant isn’t the right word for this, but oblivious.
In an article on The New York Times, "The Fires This Time,” the author informs readers on how accustomed people are to the new face of nature because they know it’s their fault. “The price of living in a new world that we made, but can no longer dominate (Egan).” Timothy is absolutely right; this world should not have to take the blame for anything. We are the reason there’s 90 degree weather in mid-November, we are the reason why animals are dying and we are the reason we make ourselves sick. It is incredibly sad of how accepting we are with all these natural disasters going on, just because we believe that we cannot do anything to stop it. Even though the weather is getting worse on a daily basis, as citizens to this planet, we should know that even something as small as “car-pooling or using Eco-friendly products” shows that you care even a little about our home. I try to give as much as I can to this cause because I am horrified of the thought of not existing tomorrow. Why doesn’t anyone else feel the same? If we all know that we can definitely contribute to the mending of Earth, we have to start now. It’s better to start late than never. Nothing will repair itself overnight.
There has been no progress in stopping global warming. Even though there have been several remarks and a handful of people that actually are willing to do something for Earth, there is no real “national” awareness for this crisis. There have been only a few attempts such as, (raising the price of gas, limiting the amount of carbon we can buy, building green houses, solar panels, etc). However, it isn’t something we could truly depend on if we expect to see any changes. To me, this planet is only appreciated in days like Earth day. Other than that, every other ordinary day on this planet is just another day that people spend exploiting and consuming. We have done nothing but blame the earth for days that are “way too hot,” or that are “making you sick.” It’s time to change our mental state and get with the program. We have to save Earth!