The New Spain Essay

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In this report I will explain three main things. The Spaniards involved,the reason of exploration,and the relationship they had with the natives.

The Spaniards involved are Christopher Columbus,Juan Ponce de Leon,and
Hernando de Soto. Christopher Columbus was born in Spain,1451. Columbus had been looking for a better route to Asia, and decided to go around the world to look for a NW passage because he thought the world was round and not flat like the other people thought. Once on his journey he finally came up to land, but this wasnʼt Asia it was
North America. Juan Ponce de Leon was born in Spain,1474. Explored Puerto Rico. He found gold and claimed Puerto Rico for Spain,and became the first governor of Puerto
Rico. He also searched for Fountain of Youth, he had explored eastern cost and southern tip of Florida. Hernando de Soto was born in Spain,1500. Went to Peru to help the spanish conquer the Incas, and became the governor of Cuba. Then decided to explore Florida in the look for gold, but he didnʼt find any.

The Spaniards reasons for exploration where mostly because they where looking for gold, silver, and other valubles, so they could trade them for other things. Another reason of exploration was to create empires for spanish noblemen, this allowed them to establish new colonies and to have power. The spaniards also converted Native
Americans to Christianity and increase Spanish control over land.

The relationship with the Natives helped both,the…