The New Year's Eve Crisis Essay

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The New Year’s Eve Crisis

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course
Written Analysis and Communication I

Instructor: Prof. Avani Desai
Academic Associate: Mr. Sudhir Pandey

Submitted on June 30, 2012 by xxxx Section B
June 30, 2012

Mr. Michael Valenti
Michael’s Homestyle Pasta

Dear Mr. Valenti,
Subject: Advice regarding the decision on Southern Pasta Salmonella poisoning issue
The enclosed report contains my analysis of the Salmonella poisoning issue in the recent lot of seafood-stuffed pasta shells. Based on the potential risk to human life, minimization of financial losses and preservation of Mike’s reputation, I recommend that you initiate a recall of the entire lot of pasta
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2. Collaborate with the restaurant chain to eliminate infection by high-temperature cooking

* Ensure public safety: The infection can be contained by following proper heat processes. But, it will be difficult for the restaurant chain to notify all its restaurants in a single day. Even if that is possible, things can still go wrong with demands peaking due to New Year celebrations and chances of a slip-up are high. Moreover, heat resistant stereotypes might survive cooking. (Wagner, n.d.) * Protect corporate reputation: This unethical act will destroy the internal reputation of Mike’s management amongst the employees and Mike Valenti will find it difficult to earn the trust of his new Southern employees. With the chances of the news leak being high, getting away with the wrongdoing without attracting unwanted publicity seems improbable. * Minimize financial losses and retain restaurant chain’s business: Mike’s can prevent writing off the contaminated food lot. The restaurant might go along with the plan due to demand volumes on New Year, but it may terminate the business relationship later on. However, this voluntary act of feeding a contaminated food product might lead to multi-million dollar lawsuits and even threaten Mike’s with a shutdown. (Cary, 2001; Supreme Beef, 2000) * Long term gains: The decision will garner mistrust and