The Importance Of Online Media

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Yes :

- Important role of newspapers as the main platform for the government to disseminate information & propagate ideas to the masses

- There are some categories of people who are not IT-savvy, or do not have ready internet access. They still rely on the conventional newspaper.

- In Sg, there is still sufficient regard for the credibility and professionalism of the state-linked mainstream newspaper. This is especially seen in the way online news sites or commentary sites and blogs use the articles from the newspapers to develop their articles. Although some sites carry out careful and in-depth analysis, others commit “churnalism” which is when other sites simply re-hash what the newspapers already print. Either way, the value of newspapers is reinforced.

- While we acknowledge that some social commentary sites do have their own reporters who cover the news on the ground and thus act as an alternative to the journalistic work of the mainstream newspapers, these online media groups do not necessarily have the means or manpower to be as extensive in their efforts as the mainstream newspaper.

- The local newspapers keep up with times to ensure their relevance e.g. online versions, with accompanying online forums to meet the demands for greater discussion between the readers and editors or among the readers. Newspapers in Sg also include articles from other international papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times to fulfil the desire for more sources of news (Of course the discerning reader still understands that these articles have been carefully selected to meet the agendas of the Sg newspapers). Newspapers are even on Twitter to fulfil the desire for immediacy in reporting.

- Cyberspace is too expansive.