The New Yorker's Cover Illustration: Graduates with No Jobs Essay

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May is a very important month for many students their graduating from elementary, middle, and high school but most importantly from college. Their graduating and are officially done with school, and are ready to start a new chapter in their life. Many of then do get that dream job, but there are some that are left with the degree but no job and just with one question what now ?
This problem was portrayed very well in the cover for The New Yorker (2012). The author does a great job at illustrating how many students have a degree, but now have no opportunities, when they were told that going to college would make life easier but did it really? Now their in debt and have no career so did it really help to go to college? This cover had many graduates in one small piece of ice in the middle of the ocean each looking in a different direction looking confused. By doing this the author shows how many students are stuck, their is not a job for them so hey have to try and figure something else out, which is something that can and most likely is frustrating for the students, and for everyone else. Personally I can't relate to this because I am still in high school, but just thinking that one day I could be the one struggling like this makes me mad. I imagine that many people who graduated and are or did experience what this illustration is saying must fell angry and frustrated.
Overall I think that this illustration is very persuasive it shows you in detail how there are many…