The Night of the Hunter Essay

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“The Night of the Hunter”
Anna N. Beach
Paper #1
March 7, 2011

“The Night of The Hunter” is a thriller written by Davis Grubb in 1953. It is imaginably chilling and disturbing. The book is based upon a true story of a frightening man who was hung for murdering two women and three children. One of the main characters portrayed as the murderer, plays the role of Harry Powell, who was just released from prison, but describes himself as a man of God, and a preacher of the word. His psychotic inclinations lead him to a journey of a desperate pursuit of money, left behind by his prison mate Ben Harper. The story leads to an anticipating tale, of a dream-like fantasy. Written to be an adult novel the two main characters, John and
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She was absentminded and didn’t realize what she was responsible for, when it came to the protection of John and Pearl. She went behind Rachel’s back and began meeting with Harry Powell, telling him information that wasn’t necessary such as, the whereabouts of John and Pearl. She was at the prime in her life, and thought that she was “in love” with Mr. Powell. This put John and Pearl in great danger.
The character in the story that should be given the most sympathy should be little Pearl. Pearl is fresh, and innocent. Even though she is naïve, she has a right to be. She doesn’t really understand what is going on; she just does as she is told. She has been taught in her young life to listen to her elders, but when it gets to the point of trusting the mistrusting she doesn’t know right from wrong. She trusts Mr. Powell, because she has been told by her mother that he is a good man, a man of God. But when John tells her to do things against what Mr. Powell expects of her, it confuses her and she doesn’t want to do anything to upset him.
This novel demonstrates a child’s power to tolerate and bear things in life. It is a God-given ability. The capability of healing so quickly even though badgered and harassed is something that an adult would struggle with. John and Pearl even though hunted all throughout the novel by a “demon” are able to abide and heal through the help of an “angel” Rachel, who cares