The Nightmare of an Axe Murderer Essay

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As I wake in a pitched black room I look around to see nothing but something that looks like an outline of a bordered window. I sigh as I try to sit up I groan in pain. It’s coming from my leg I think it’s broken I reach down and feel around my leg to cut myself on something sharp going straight through my leg. I try to cover my screams not knowing where I was. I try and pull the object out of my leg slowly as blood splatters on my face. I scream as I pull the object and begin to cry. I quite my cries as I hear footsteps coming to the door. The door opens and I see an outline of a man and women behind him. I begin to scream at them “What do you want with me!!… Why am I here?!?!?!” the only walk towards me and it looks like there smiling at me I’m not sure. The man grabs an ax off a nearby table. He walks towards me and grabs me by my hair and drags my towards the door I kick and scream while being dragged out the door. He throws my down the stairs and I try to crawl to the door. But only make a few feet before he sees me and comes running down the stairs. He grabs me by my throat and raises his ax in the air and swings it towards my head.

I jump out of bed screaming my head off. I put my hand on my neck and look down at my leg. I mumbled to myself “It was just a dream Sarah it was just a dream...” I don’t really know how it could have been a dream it seemed…. So real. As if I was really there, I could feel everything that was happening to me. The glass everything. My mom and dad come running and screaming down the hall running into my room. I look at them crazily. “Just a dream” I said to them in a still shaken voice. I could have sworn I was there. I shook my head and my mom and dad left the room. I heard my mom and dad whispering in the hall. “I thought they were here… we’ve got to get Sarah out of here. It’s almost time for them to…our times up.” The rest of what they said was just a muffle. I wondered what anyone would really want with me. I’m just a skinny, black haired green eyed, girl. Nothing special here. My clock beeps to wake me up for school. I shut it off and get dressed. “Bye mom!” I yell running out of the door to my bus stop. When I arrive my friends are there.”Your guys! Wont guess what happened to me today!?!” I told them the whole story and they looked at me like I was crazy. I shook my head and said “you guys just don’t understand” Charlotte and Cole never really understands me unless it has something to do with them they don’t understand. Charlotte is Blue and black haired. Purple eyed girl. Cole is more of your Justin Bieber type of look. As the bus arrives I hop on and don’t say another word to them. Later that day in sixth period I had sort of a day dream. It was like my dream I had this morning or last night but it was worst more bloody and violent. I shake my head as the bell rings. Thank goodness its sixth period so I can go home and get some sleep. I’m not sure if sleep is my best friend right now. I get off the bus and run home. I see my mom’s car isn’t in the drive way as well as my dad. It’s not usual they weren’t home when it got there but today I guess things were different. I open the door to see someone sitting on the couch. “Umm… Hi” I say to the person loud enough for her to jump. “Ah… Hello dear… I wasn’t expecting you for another hour or so. Guess I lost track of time.” She smiles creepily at me. I try to offer a smile back. “What are you doing here? Does my mom or dad know you’re here?” I looked at her with suspicions “well I wouldn’t say they now I’m here right now. But they know we’d come sooner or later.” Two guys walk out from the side of the room and smile “So… grown up it seems just like yesterday we were saving her little life” The men cry fakery and laugh. I look at