The North High School Student Activity Information Form

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The North High School Chapter of National Honor Society
Student Activity Information Form

Directions: Please complete all sections as thoroughly as possible. Please type and do not add to this form. If you feel you have more information, please add only your top 4 choices. Do not feel obligated to fill in every box, but do not be modest. Every bit of information can be used by the Faculty Council to assist with the selection process. Completion of this form does not guarantee selection.

I. Administrative Information

Ross Piscitello, 422038
Name School I.D. Number

II. Co-curricular Activities List the top 4 activities in which you have participated from 8th grade to present. Include clubs, teams, musical groups, etc. Also include your role in the activity and the name of the person advising or sponsoring the activity.

8th 9th 10th
Your Role / What you did/do in the club/team/group, etc.

III. Leadership Positions List the top 4 elected or appointed leadership positions held in school, community, or work activities. Only those positions in which you were directly responsible for directing or motivating others should be included. For example, elected student body, class, or club officer, committee chairperson; team captain; newspaper editor; work area manager; or community leader.

Leadership Position and Group Association
8th 9th 10th
Responsibilities / Accomplishments
Representative, Magruder Student Council x Mr. Rasmussen
Webmaster, Troop 851- Torrance, CA, Boy Scouts of America x x x Mr. Kevin A. Mackintosh
Order of the Arrow (National Honor and Service Society of The Boy Scouts of America) representative, Troop 851- Torrance, CA, Boy Scouts of America

x x I am the primary liaison to the troop’s Lakota chapter. I meet the unit’s needs by providing a communication and programmatic link to and from all Arrow men, Scouts who are not presently members of the Order, and adult leaders.
Mr. Kevin A. Mackintosh
Platoon Sergeant (C/SFC), Charlie Company - Second Platoon (this year) or Echo Company (last year), North High School Army Junior ROTC

x x While 'Platoon Sergeant' is a duty position, not a rank, the platoon sergeant is the primary assistant and adviser to the platoon leader, with the responsibility of training and caring for 20+ cadets. The platoon sergeant helps the commander to train the platoon leader. My company has been chosen as the "Honor Company,"(the best one).
CSM (retired) Raul T. Duran and MSG (retired) Ronald Graham
IV. Service Activities List service activities in which you have participated. These can be service projects done with a group, either in or out of school, or done as individual projects performing service. Generally speaking, service…