The Northern Mexican Railways Was A Way Of Transporting Mexicans To The United States.

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1. The northern Mexican railways was a way of transporting Mexicans to the united states. It motivated mexicans because it was free transportation even though it was not safe.
2. The american railways went from coast to coast and allowed fast transportation of merchandise and people this increased sales and allowed workers like immigrants move to different job sights.
3. The mining industry promised immigrants good jobs and housing but they only were welcomed to the worst jobs for less than half of the pay that white americans were making. The mining industry still encouraged mexicans to immigrate because they had no jobs and they were better of getting payed something.
4. The agricultural sector especially in california needed workers to farm and harvest crops. There were working permits given to immigrants to come to America during harvest seasons.
5. The national reclamation act of 1902 included the construction of irrigation projects for land and this required a lot of hard labor. This resulted in many mexicans to immigrate to this jobs.
6. the Dingley act raised tariffs by an average of 47 percent which i believe encouraged the hiring of more immigrants because they paid them less money.
7. the chinese exclusion act prohibited chinese immigration which left more job spaces for other immigrants including mexican immigrants.
8. the Gentleman's agreement was similar to the chinese exclusion act but this involved japan. The same results with mexican immigrants came about