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The Novice In the story the “Novice” by W.D. Valgardson. It introduces us to the Boat the Sally Anne. The Sally Anne was a boat that was newly founded. The boat had been shipwrecked. All of the mates had to pull together in order to survive. The fear of dying, and not surviving was a major issue for all the mates who were on the boat. The boat had been destroyed and the mates were left with practically nothing except for themselves. In the story it shows how these men cared for each other. “Again and again, in the darkness they touched each other’s face faces as tenderly, as awkwardly as new lovers.” This quotation shows the mate’s significance and the truth in each individual’s life, by showing that when in the end all we have is each other. Always stick together through thick, and thin. The reader should learn that in life when faced with the unknown or adversities, it is better to face them with strangers (each other) than alone.

In the “Novice” the author is trying to portray through the text that we as humans are complex beings. The boat was such an integral part of the protagonist’s life. He had put so much of his life into ensuring this boat would never fail him. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the boat would always be in working condition. He had an emotional attachment to the boat, almost as if he devoted his life to the “Sally Anne”. “He had always felt its intricacy would protect it. The complexity of its creation – it had to be conceived, constructed, nailed, bolted, welded, glued, all according to a carefully worked-out plan – seemed to guarantee its existence. The engine, the drive shaft, the propeller, the wheel, he had made these his study. He could draw them with precision, could recite their exact measurements. So strong was his faith that, as long as the lake was free of ice, he lived on the boat, never leaving it until the end of the shipping season.” This quote shows how devoted the mate was towards the Sally Anne. It quotes that “Unlike others, he had been careful not to encumber himself with a wife and children.” This quote represents that the protagonist (The Mate) did not want himself to emotionally attach himself to a person. People can leave or die or fall out of love but with the boat he thought it would last forever and never let him down… but it did. So when the boat did fall apart he turned to human companionship to stay alive. He realized it was those men that would help him save his life. This is why when faced with the challenges of the unknown, it is better to face them with each other as strangers or as a family than alone.

In the “Novice” Bob on of the mates who were on the boat had broken his arm. During the night he started to feel the bone of his arm move closer to his shoulder. He was in a lot of pain but was trying to get through it. One of the mates Arnie drew his attention to bob and helped Bob out by alleviating the pain of Bob’s broken arm by undoing his suspenders and tied his arm secure with them to keep it into place. The mate’s realized what kind of situation they were in, and realized that in order to survive them all must stick together. Working together as a team benefits them because they would be working as a unit, and everyone would have each other when one of the mates would fall they would pick them back up. This would go on until all of the mates were secure and at the safety point. They each care for each other as if it was their very own sibling. Cause of the way they are sticking together and the system that they have is the reason why the significance and truth in each of the individuals life by showing that in the end all we have is each other, and that is why we stick together through the trial and tribulations of life.

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