The Nubians Facts Essay

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The Nubians are believed to have been the first civilization to live on earth. The Nubians lived south of Egypt around 3000BC. The Nubia was also called “The Land of Gold” and “The Land of the Bow”. The Nubians lived in villages along the Nile River, called the Kingdom of Kush. They used the river to build the perfect city; the city was the biggest and best than other in their time. The Nubians live off the Nile River using the fresh water and fertile soil. The common people of Nubia lived in farming villages. The land was full of gold, ebony, ivory and incenses. Traded iron weapons. Nubians got rich from trading. Making a lot of people want Nubia for its natural wealth. Nubians became fierce bowman so they could protect the kingdom. The Nubian language was Kinzi-Dongolaw; still today experts cannot understand all of the language. In the beginning they worshipped the three headed lion god and mummified their dead. Then most of them converted to Christianity in 330 AD. The Nubians built 255 pyramids, 24 temples and many fortresses. They built the pyramids out of wattle, daub, mud brick and animal hide. Most of the pyramids were built for queens and kings. They also used this for tombs. The Nubians built more royal pyramids in Sudan then in all of Egypt. Nubia had three capitals: Kerma, Napata and Meroe. Queens played a large role in ruling the kingdom. One famous queen was “One Eyed Candace”, she lost her eye in battle. Nubians dressed in white loose cotton clothes with collars and bracelets, and then later they wore more colorful clothing and nose plugs. In 2000 BC Nubia was attacked by the Assyrians, after the Nubians were runned out of Kush they returned back to original land. The Nubians had many enemies such as Egyptians, Aksum, Romans and Persians. The next 150 years the Nubians grew very rich from the Iron rush. They built and traded a lot of iron weapons. They continued to build pyramids and temples over the next few hundred years. Building the pyramid, Herodotus in 420 BC. The Nubians pyramids are still standing today.
Important Dates in the Nubians Lives.
1070 BC- After 500 years of Egyptians rule the Nubians gained independent.
750 BC- King Piye invades and conquers Egypt.
673 BC- The Assyrians invade and force the Nubians out of Egypt. They return