The Nurse Practicum: The Nursing Code Of Ethics

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The use of policy become interchangeable within my practice and the internship I currently work for.I am currently interning at the Department of Health Services located at Johnson and Wales University. The nurse practicum follows a logical and legal form of Code of Ethics. The policy sets the guidelines in a law practice that entails the importance and forms of confidentiality.The main policy expressed is the confidentiality of a client and their rights to waive or refuse the consent to the information located in their medical records. Additionally, the clients right they can refuse the communication of the health care provider or a licensed practitioner. Lastly, the Nurse' Code of Ethics sets the legal process when the use of confidentiality is broken and the Medical review board is in place. …show more content…
The NASW main focus is to ensure the child or adult regain self-awareness and sufficiency on a micro, mezzo, and macro level. In time, the guides should merge together to include confidentiality as a separate entity, however, the guidelines provided the code of ethics through its main branch location instead of the information though Charlotte Branch. The NASW code of ethics views the role of confidentiality is already supported and written within the social worker