The Nursing Care Process

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The nursing care process is a method to help the nurse to initiate the appropriate nursing action related to the main problem that a patient complains about. Using the nursing care process is very essential for a patient taking medications to make sure that the medication is effective, safe, and the expected outcome is accomplished at the end of the process of the administration of medication. In this essay, I will discuss how to set an appropriate nurse care plan for patient taking medications.
First, the assessment phase in nursing care process is very important in collecting the essential information to formulate the baseline data, which consists of the subjective data that include what the patient says and complete history taking
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The implementation phase in drug administration is to utilize the knowledge and the appropriate skills in giving drugs and to prevent or minimize the drug side effect. Furthermore, the primary action of the nurse in implementing phase is to assess the patient for the desired therapeutic effect, if there is insufficiency of the therapeutic effect then the nurse should assess the patient again to determine what contributes to the insufficiency of therapy. After administering the medication, the nurse should assess the patient for any side effects of the treatment to monitor it or to minimize it as possible. At the end of implementation phase, the nurse should document the drug administration, side effects of the drug, patient noncompliance or lack of knowledge from the …show more content…
The nurse needs to assess the patient and considers if the desired goal is accomplished or not. If not, the nurse should review the care plan then modify the plan again to meet the complete desired goal. If the goal is accomplished then the nurse can proceed to the next high priority in patient situation. The evaluation in drug administration is to assess the effectiveness of the drug as well as the prevention or promoting of the side effect. For example, assessing the patient dose if it is need to modify it again to help in achieving the desired goal. Evaluation is very important phase to determine the treatment safety and effectiveness, and to do the necessary steps to obtain the maximum effectiveness of drug therapy