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When we do compassionate deed for others, is it a genuine act of kindness, or is the selfish greed of the human nature coming over us to make it so the good act turns into something better for ourselves? In the poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus is trying to get back to his home in Ithaca. Odysseus is a very huberis mortal that often helps others just for what he will receive in return. Because of the selfish greed of the mankind, Odysseus did not kill Phemius because he wanted Phemius to boast about the accomplishments he had made. Odysseus, often looked at as “the Hero” in this poem was with his son, Telemachus when they slaughtered all of the suitors in the hall at home in Ithaca. However, Odysseus left one mortal, Phemius, who was a bard in the palace, as the exception. But why did he murder all but one? With so much pride in himself, Odysseus wanted this bard, Phemius, to do something in return for his act of not killing him. “The prince has pulled you through, he’s saved you now so you can take it to heart and tell the next man too” (pg. 450-451, lines 95-96). The only reason Phemius was made the exception by Odysseus was because then he would boast about how great The Odysseus is. Because of Odysseus’ selfishness, he only saved the bard so that others would think more highly of him.

When a person is very full of themselves, they often think that they have more power over others. Therefore, they believe others should do things the in way they want. As Odysseus and his crew passed Thrinacia, Eurylochus encouraged Odysseus to let the crew stay their overnight. As they pursuaded him, Odysseus agreed. However once again, he made a response to that request that would suit his own demands. “Eurylochus, I’m one against all- the upper hand is yours. But swear me a binding oath, all here…” (pg 280, lines 321-323) Odysseus let his crewman receive what they want, but only because they agreed to the request he made. Odysseus has a part of him that craves to have a greater power over others, and he has the desire to have control over things With so much pride, Odysseus thinks of himself as someone at a higher level, and expects people to respect him, and obey the orders he says.
Odyssues, a very self centered man, thought very highly of himself. As well as many people that have a very big ego, he expected to be respected, listened to, and even be intimidated by. Because of his appearance and character that he made of himself, many thought of him as a hero. But just because you are able to make yourself look good, does it necessarily mean that you are? It is true that Odysseus was able to accomplish extravagant expeditions, and he was able to make it home after numerous hardships throughout his journey. But just because he was able to have a big ego and tell people what to do, did that make him better or more powerful than another member of the crew? Odysseus made it home after a long journey but in the end did he return because he genuinally wanted to visit and stay with his family or did he just want to be looked at in a higher regard.

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