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The book was written by a blind man better known as Homer, translated by Alexander Pope, The Odyssey of Homer is a poem written about the life of the great King of Ithaca, Ulysses who leaves his new born child Telemachus and loving wife penelope to fight in the Trogan War, the king was a great athlete and a great worrier, heroic, corageous, elgquent, and masterful.
He does no return home for 20 years In those twenty years trying to get back home, he goes through many adventures including the angry god Poseidon and the one-eyed Cyclops who try to destroy him, the seduced Sirens with their sweet song who tempt him away from his quest.
During his absent, Penelope, his loving wife, is faithful to Ulysses, but the suitors of Ithaca try to force her to marry one of them. Ulysses's son Telemachus wants to protect his mother by throwing the suitors out, but he's too young. Pallas , daughter of Zeus, tries to help Telemachus by disguising herself as Mentor, a old friend of Ulysses, and tells Telemachus to have a meeting to get the suitors to leave, but it fails. Pallas then tells Telemachus to set sail to see Nestor, King of Pylos, and Menelaus, King of Sparto.
At Pylos, Nestor didn't have much to say about Ulysses. He just said that he last saw Ulysses after the war. He advises them to sail to Sparta for more information with Nestors's son Pisistratus to talk to Menelaus, King of Sparta and Ulysses's friend. They arrived at Sparta, and Menelaus tells Telemachus that Ulysses