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A Look Inside In the Perfect Men
Ulysses Everett McGill is a character who is motivated by one goal to escapes prison, with trials and tribulations in his path he achieves his one goal, to be with his family. Throughout the story both characters Odysseus and Everett has shown a great deal of wisdom, leader-ship, and affectation for his family. Odysseus is an epic hero, because he has always honored the gods and is respectful, has great leadership skills, and uses his intelligence to get out of life or death situations. In “O brother where art thou” Ulysses Everett McGill represents Odysseus a character from “the odyssey’ by embodying many characteristics of Odysseus such as, loyalty to companions, leadership, affectation for his children and family.
Everett can be characterized as Odysseus in many situations, as their action are quite similar. When it comes to being loyal to his companions. When Pete gets captured again for escaping prison, Everett goes back for him and helps him escape again. This shows that Everett is aware of his crime of escaping prison along with Pete. As a result Everett returns to the prison camp and sets him loose. Instead of leaving Pete in prison. The same is with Odysseus, when his crew go to explore the island of the witch Circe. Odysseus send 23 of his men to go visit Circe, who transforms them into pigs. Enchatres tell Odysseus what has happen to other men, and requests that they immediately leave, “Against this advice, however, Odysseus rushes to save his men…they stay for one year, until Odysseus finally begs her to let them go.”(x.Italics) For example, no ordinary captain would stay a year at a withes home to release their men. For this reason, odyssey is able to do this because he respects and cares about his men. As seen, both men Odysseus and Everett are loyal to their crew when they need help.
In the beginning, Everett clearly takes leadership of the gang and maintain that leadership throughout the movie. He leads the gang when escaping prison, and afterward too while on their road to freedom. This show that out of the three men Everett has taken leadership, but at first Pete and Delmar object Everett leading them, then soon follow Everett as the leader. As a result whenever anything happens that Pete and Delmar don’t know how or why they look up to Everett for answers. This is also quite the same with Odysseus, whenever his companions need his orders or assistances. After cursing at Polyphemus, he chunks a boulder of earth at Odysseus sending them back on the shore Odysseus then,”…got the longest boathook out and stood feeding us off, with furious nods to all to put them back into a racing stroke- row, row, or perish.” (ix.400-403) As shown, Odysseus has control over his companions in his ship, as he is the captain. For this reason, his companions are loyal to him, cause odysseys to be loyal to his companions. His companions do not listen to Odysseus because they fear him, but because they respect him, with is much appreciated by Odysseus. Odysseus and Everett take leadership on their journey back to their families.
Everett is a man that longs to be with his wife and daughters, and will go through many trials for the