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In the epic poem The Odyssey, written by Homer, the main character is Odysseus of Ithaca. The story takes place after the Trojan War, which Odysseus took part in. Odysseus was forced to leave his newborn son, Telemachus, and his loving wife Penelope at home. After fighting for ten years, Odysseus and his men began their voyage back home to Ithaca. Troubles with the gods, however, delayed his arrival for yet another ten years. Odysseus fought through the hardships and always kept things in order. Because Odysseus is fearless, loyal, and very wise, he is considered to be a great leader and hero. Odysseus never fails to show his fearlessness. When he and his men arrive at the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus shows no fear toward the beast. After losing a few of his men to Polyphemus, the youngest of the Cyclops, Odysseus decides that he needs to do something about it to protect himself and the rest of his men. Odysseus quickly comes up with a plan, and gives the Cyclops a large cup of wine, which makes it sleep. While Polyphemus is asleep, Odysseus grabs a stick, and stabs it in the eye, causing it to go blind. He and his men are able to escape, and set sail once again. The quick thinking of Odysseus saved his life, and his men’s lives. Another example of Odysseus’ fearlessness is shown while he is down in the land of the dead, Hades. Odysseus was sent to Hades by the goddess Circe, to find Tiresias. The journey from Circe’s Island to Hades was a difficult one. He had to travel through raging storms and terrible winds. However, Odysseus and his men managed to make it to the entrance of Hades alive. When his men tried to follow him, Odysseus said that he must go alone. His men begged for him not to go, because they just knew that Odysseus wouldn’t return alive. Hades is a place where no other mortal would think of going, but Odysseus did. He went down into the fiery depths not knowing what he would encounter there. Odysseus did not know that since he had been gone, his mother had committed suicide, and he learned of her death in Hades. The grief of losing his mother was terrible. He could never feel the touch of his mother again. Odysseus knew that he had to leave Hades, even though it meant leaving his mother behind forever. He knew that he had to get home no matter what he had to do. Odysseus fought on for his wife, for his son, and now, for his mother. He didn’t give up even after losing his very own mother. The bravery of Odysseus is unfathomable. Another great trait of Odysseus was his loyalty. Odysseus never turned his back on anyone; he was always a loyal man. Odysseus met many beautiful goddesses, such as Calypso and Circe, but he always told them of his love for his dear wife Penelope. Penelope never stopped being the reason for Odysseus to return home to Ithaca. Even though Penelope was older-looking than and not as beautiful as the immortal goddesses, Odysseus still chose his love. He couldn’t imagine life without his dearest Penelope. The goddess Circe required Odysseus’ love to escape her island. Even as he lay with Circe, Odysseus thought of Penelope. He thought of how he would soon return to her, and that gave him hope. The temptation of the goddesses couldn’t break Odysseus down; he was strong enough to stay loyal. Not only was Odysseus loyal to his