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The Odyssey
In the epic poem The Odyssey, in books 1, 2 & 9, Homer showed that Odysseus had admirable traits even though at times his actions brought pain and suffering to others. By some of his characteristics, he showed us that he is a warrior at this time in his life. His intelligence and his courage were admired by all the characters in The Odyssey. Odysseus demonstrated his intelligence in Book 9 when he didn’t tell the Cyclops his real name because everyone knew who he was. An example when he demonstrated his courage was when he was had to escape the cave where the Cyclops lives. Odysseus was followed by all the other men that were with him because of the courage it took for him to jab a post into the Cyclops’ eye. The traits that caused suffering and harm to others was that he was over confident and/or cocky about himself. While trying to defeat the Cyclops, he thought his plan to escape was amazing with put one of his men in danger when he was playing his flute to calm the Cyclops.
In book 9, Odysseus tells his tale of his journey with his crew. They stole their way through the city of Circones because of their loyalty to Troy. Odysseus’s ship got thrown off its path because of a storm created by Poseidon. They landed on “the land of lotus eaters”. Lotus is a flower that resulted in forgetfulness for Odysseus and his crew. The lotus-eaters made Odysseus and his crew eat the flower. After they stole from the city, Poseidon got mad and made them all get on the