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The odyssey
In this essay I will be talking about whether the statement, “the female characters in book 5 and 6 are more important than Odysseus” is true.
In the books 5 and 6 we meet the female characters, calypso, Athena, Ino and Nausicaa. They all play a significant part in on helping Odysseus find his way home.
Calypso: Calypso is a nymph who lives on the island of Ogygia. She found Odysseus near death and took him in to her home and cared for him. She keeps Odysseus prisoner there for seven years and ends up falling in love with his charm. She is an important character because she out of her own kindness and hospitality lets Odysseus stay at her home when he was a stranger she had never seen. If Calypso hadn’t done that then Odysseus would not have survived. Calypso also lets Odysseus go when Hermes the messenger tells her to. Despite her love for Odysseus she lets him go, she even provides food, clothing and wood for the journey ahead. If she had not had done that Odysseus would have been stuck on that island forever.
Athena: Athena is a goddess of wisdom and battle, who has a soft spot for Odysseus and helps him out in tough situations that he alone cannot overcome. Athena although in Odysseus eyes seems to have abandon him, helps him constantly through his journey. She is the one who convinced Zeus (god of all gods) that Odysseus must be freed from his imprisonment in the island Ogygia. What Athena did was important because if she didn’t then Calypso would not have agreed to let her precious Odysseus go, and Odysseus wouldn’t have been able to continue the journey. Athena also saved Odysseus from the storm that Poseidon had unleashed upon him, by calming the winds. This was important because if she hadn’t had done that then Poseidon would have pushed him further and further away from his destination the land of the Phaecians.
Ino: Ino is a sea goddess who comes from under the sea to help Odysseus after Poseidon nearly drags him under the sea with his huge waves. She gives Odysseus a protective veil which protects Odysseus after his ship is wrecked. This is important because if she hadn’t Poseidon would have dragged him beneath the sea.
Nausicaa: The beautiful daughter of King Alcinous and Queen Arete of