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The Odyssey Personal Essay Every person has a goal to achieve an achievement. Somebody wants to get to a certain college, or one man wants to try to be named as the best in a certain sport. However, one ought to encounter a certain dilemma where they must endeavor to solve on their journey. Just as Odysseus was striving to reach Ithaca, he encounters his own problems. Some of these problems that both Odysseus and others engage with on their journeys are distracting characters that interfere with everything. We also meet with bitter people that just want you to be trapped in the heart of the problem like Poseidon. We also have people that help you achieve your goal like Athena. My goal in DHS is to acquire good grades and get placed into a good college/university. However, we and Odysseus will fundamentally reach to the goals we aspire to complete. When I was in the middle of concluding my last year of middle school, my teachers would say stuff like, “In the high school it’s going to be very challenging,” or “The high school has hard graders when it comes to quizzes and essays.” Nevertheless, I would reply back in my head like “I can get good grades there,” and “If I get good grades here, then I can get it there as well.” Unfortunately, I’ve realized that my recent teachers were right and I was fallacious. In the high school it is completely and extremely different than what it was at the middle school. Everyone is provided with more freedom and there are many opportunities to doing well in your academic work. This kind of assistance wasn’t arranged for any students. I can get more educated on things I’m having trouble with in any of my classes like history. In addition, other students from the school are very pleasant and respectful. This is different from the middle school because kids from the middle school are very immature, inappropriate and rude. Teachers here at Darien High give me all the help I need and they teach the lesson to me with respect which helps me receive a better grade. This gets me surpass my goal and journey of getting good grades. In connection, I relate this situation to Zeus and other gods/goddesses for the reason that they helped Odysseus get past the rivers, reaching his homeland, Ithaca. During my journey of passing freshman year, I’ve had a lot of teachers guiding me to the right path. Some of these teachers help me understand the subject more and tell me what to study and what not to study for a quiz/test. These teachers guide me to receiving a good grade which accomplishes my goal of getting good grades in my freshman year. A teacher like Mr. Perkins was a big help to me succeeding this year. He was my Athena who told me what was going to be on the bio quiz or what my English teacher expects me to write on an essay. In the story, Athena guided Odysseus to getting to the right place at the right time. This provided Odysseus with guidance of reaching to Ithaca. This connects to my situation with Mr. Perkins guiding me to getting the right grade and told me when to study and how much I should study each night. So Mr. Perkins and Athena have a lot in common because Athena nurtures Odysseus so that Odysseus doesn’t go to wrong place and get injured. Mr. Perkins supports and cares for me by helping me getting a good grade. My English teacher (you) is another person that is a great guidance person to speak to. Whenever I felt like I needed help for a quiz we have, she not only tells me the answer, she also makes me answer the questions that way I know what to study and what I already know. If I