Assignment On The Trojan War

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Paul Singarella
World Lit 1
25 January, 2015
Website Assignment The first website I decided to check out was on the Trojan War on the Stanford webpage. One of the first facts that I found to be interesting and new to me was the story behind the marriage of Paris and Helen. The part I like the most about that story is the fact that Paris choose to be with the women of his dreams over wealth and power. Not many people in this world would choose that and to be honest I do not think I would either. I also found the section on the Trojan horse intriguing. The war tactics back in those days were that much more impressive considering the resources they had available to them. I did not know much about the Trojan War prior to this website, but the Stanford webpage gave me a pretty good understanding after reading the sections. The next website I decide to look at was the website on the city of Troy. One of the most interesting facts I found was that the city was demolished and rebuilt nine different times. One idea that I thought about when reading about this was about how much money and time it would take to try to do this to a city nowadays. It is truly amazing to think about how they could do all this work with less efficient equipment. I also found it fascinating to think that Troy VI would be a sight to see today and yet it was still torn down to be reconstructed again. I found this to be intriguing because this building was founded and built in 1800-1275 BC without half the resources and technology