The Odyssey's Heroic Quest

Words: 290
Pages: 2

The heroic figure Odysseus from Homer’s hoary Greek epic, The Odyssey, and his heroic quest, create a vehicle to show that in times of despair and danger one's ability to persevere will ultimately determines their fate. After ten long years of war Homer’s hero finally razes Troy to the ground, yet little does he know that Troy was just the beginning of his protracted journey from Itakah. While trying to raid a city on the return from Troy, Odysseus loses many men. Retreating to the sea, a storm sweeps away all the boats, bringing them to the land of the lotus eaters. Escaping the druggies they go on to face a cyclops, the wrath of Poseidon, treacherous winds, cannibals, a magical witch, and a six headed sea monster until finally Odysseus men