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The Office Analysis

In a typical business atmosphere the employees want to get along with each other and the boss. They want to work in a safe workplace, where they are completing tasks, and being shown leadership from the boss. Though not every workplace has the perfect employees with positive attitudes, or the perfect boss. On this episode of the “The Office” Michael Scott, the boss of Scranton is an example of a boss who does not carry the exact traits of a leader. Many of the employees do not like their workplace mainly because of the lack of privacy some have, and because of how Michael Scott runs his business. Although Michael seems to be a fun, and welcoming boss, which is what many employees like, he seems to cut off all the seriousness in the business, and is basically a clown to all the employees and makes them feel like he is running a circus. The work environment at Scranton is not the typical workplace an employee would want to be apart off mainly because the lack of leadership Michael Scott offers to the table.

Almost all the workers at Scranton are unsatisfied because of how Scott runs the business. Scott does not show any types of leadership therefore the job performance is weak because there was no support or motivation. One of the positive factors of Scott was the fact that when he met everyone, he was showing excitement, and also giving out gift bags, which are examples of extrinsic rewards. By not leading and motivating the employees tend to get frustrated, and are looking to always fight with each other to become at higher positions just like Dwight and Bernard. The workplace shows examples of bad working conditions, bad coworker relations, and low supervisor quality, all cases of Hygiene Factors. When Hannah is putting her breast milk into the baby bottle in front of her employees this causes all types of drama and awkward situations. This is an example of bad coworker relations because no one wants to work in an environment with something that private taking place. When Scott is greeting all the new comers…